My Life’s A Zoo

Every once in awhile I sit back and marvel at what my life has become. Just a few short years ago I was busy bustling away as a professional woman…dealing with rush hour traffic, cranky customers, lazy co-workers and trying to find time to “find myself”. Fast forward and here I am a completely different woman…well on the outside at least 😉 I’m now a stay at home Mom with two beautiful little girls and a passion for cookies. While the two lives sound vastly different, they really have many many similarities. While I used to work in a zoo…I now draw zoo characters for my almost 2 year old to test her “Mooooo’ing” abilities 🙂 I wouldn’t trade it for the world!!

One of the blogs I stalk, LilaLoa, announced they were having a cookie design contest. I immediately saw my zoo animals and thought “Hey, why not!”. The design contest required that all entries use a certain cookie cutter (which I didn’t have so I used a homemade stencil) and the more creative the better. [Here are the official rules]

What started out like this (pay no attention to my daughter’s scribbles hehe):

Was mixed with 9 different colors of icing:

And turned into this:

I have to say I’d kiss any one of them 🙂 Hope you like them. If you do…visit LilaLoa and vote for me!

Grandma To The Rescue

As any mother of small ones knows, it’s always nice to have help when you can get it. My hubby is traveling next week and as fate would have it my mother was available to fly out and stay with the girls and I. Yeah!! We haven’t seen her since Christmas so this will be a fun week for everyone.

While Grandma is here there are three things on the agenda:

  1. Date Night with the hubby before he takes off for his business trip (we don’t get many of these so we definitely take advantage when grandmas are here!)
  2. Lots of Grandma Shell hugs and kisses!
  3. Cookie practice!!!

Now I better go make a list of cookies to bake and how to decorate them…otherwise I may not get anything done with this “open” sketch book 🙂

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