Design Contest Open For Voting!

Good morning everyone !! (or afternoon or even evening wherever you are and whenever you are reading this!) A few weeks ago I designed up some cute little animals for a design contest…and the voting is now open!! Hooray!! There are some absolutely AMAZING designs that some incredibly creative people made up.

You should definitely head over to LilaLoa’s site and check them out…while you’re there vote on a couple too!

Click HERE for the design contest site!

You are allowed 3 votes. Hopefully one of my designs are one of your votes wink wink 😉 To vote simply click the star below the image.

As you can see I can’t vote for my own designs (BUMMER!) But you can 😉 As a reminder…below are the cookies I submitted. 

Have fun and enjoy all the designs!

Super Fly Fireflies

One of my amazingly good friends sent me the sweetest text last Friday congratulating me on the cookie biz. She said she was proud of me. I love her SO much and hearing something like that from her, one of the most independent, strong, faithful women I know, means more than she could know. (PS…I’m clearly the sappy one in our friendship!)

Anywho…she and a few of her friends are going hiking/picnicing this weekend and she wanted some favors for everyone. She gave me complete creative control (oh lord) and let me dream up the design. Their group mascot (OK this is the cutest thing ever and I’m quite envious that I don’t have a group like this!!) is the firefly so I wanted to incorporate that into the cookie. It was the first time that I wasn’t given any direction so I even got to pick colors! FUN!

I had just read a recent post by one of my fav bloggers The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle about mixing colors and she had a link to a site I’d never tried. The site was Design Seeds and you search for a color and it gives you a color palette. Simplest thing ever! And super cute palettes! The only color I knew I wanted for sure on the cookie was a bright yellow for the firefly’s glowing derriere. I searched for a bright yellow and fell in love with this palette:


Found the most adorable cartoon firefly that I used for inspiration and went at it. At the end I decided to put the groups name at the bottom. Hope the girls actually EAT these cookies and not just look at them! haha Enjoy ladies!

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