Cookie Cutter Addict

Some people game. Some people Hulu. Other people shop. What do I do online? I surf for cookie cutter deals. [hand raised] My name is (name withheld for legal reasons…well not really but kinda diggin’ the anonymity) and I’m a cookie cutter addict. I spend hours poking around looking at cookie designs, reading tips on decorating and of course scouting for that absolutely perfect cutter to add to my ever growing collection.

Are you a cookie cutter addict? Or are you looking for a club to join? If so bookmark away! And by all means…if I missed one of your favorite sites please post the link 🙂

Copper Gifts


Off The Beaten Path


The Cookie Cutter Shop


Cheap Cookie Cutters


eCookie Cutters



Karen’s Cookies

Create For Less


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