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Until now, I have only told 5 people about this blog. My parents, my husband, my mother-in-law and one of my good friends. It wasn’t that I was ashamed of what I was making, but I knew I had a LOT of room for improvement. This morning I received a comment from a complete stranger saying how she thought my latest cake was sweet…made me feel like a hundred bucks! It was just the boost of confidence I needed. Thank you A Kitty and Her Cakes!

I told myself when I started a couple weeks ago that I would post it to FB and let the world know what I was up to as soon as I got 100 hits. Well folks…I’m there! I’m proud to unveil my new blog about cake, cookie and cupcake decorating and my journey through unchartered territory as I teach myself how to do it all 🙂  If you’re looking for perfect sweets…ya ain’t gonna get it here! But if you’re looking for a little humor and some tipping, dripping and ripping desserts…this blog is your cup of tea! Hope you enjoy!

Let’s Begin

I decided to take a leap of faith, or rather a huge jump, and take on authoring a new blog.  After all, it’s 2012 and what better reason than to ring in the new year with something new, fun and fresh! I’ve also tied my new year’s resolution to it…update blog at least once a week. OK, while I realize this is not realistic, I will try my hardest and really, isn’t that all that anyone asks of another?

I’ve been an avid cookie observer for years, always admiring the most beautiful or clever ways decorators fancy up their cookies. It was 8 months ago that I began looking online for something fun for my daughter’s 1st birthday party and I decided I’d decorate #1 cookies for the guests favors. I had a blast! The cookies came out “ok” for my first decorated sugar cookies and the guests loved nibbling them up. Thinking about cookies became an obsession, an obsession that spilled over onto the internet and I spent hours looking up cookies. Add cupcakes to the cookie searches. Now add cakes to the cookie and cupcake searches. You get my point. I love sugar and I’m a sucker for beautifully decorated sugar.

This blog is my way of showing my work as I teach myself the basics, and hopefully some advanced techniques. Hope you enjoy

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