Baby Shower Favors

One of my very good friends is having a baby! Cannot wait for March when I get to meet the little guy. Her baby shower was yesterday and it was such a fun time. I was lucky enough to score a day of “Daddy Day Care” since my hubby had returned from Europe the day before…so I traded in some drooling, poopy diapers and unnecessary whining for a few hours of girl talk, yummy food, tasty wine and lots of adorable baby clothes 🙂 Great times!

I volunteered to make the shower favors and had a blast doing them. I bought these cardboard boxes and added the ribbon and label.

Inside were little bags of candy. I’m being serious here…I think it should be a law that you have to have candy at a baby shower 😉 On top I made a bunch of onesie cookies and keeping with the theme decorated them using the wet-on-wet technique with blue and green icing.

Hopefully the girls enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed making them!

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