Happy Mother’s Day Suzanne!

I feel like I’ve been “full steam ahead”, which is awesome, but have been feeling the down side which is I don’t have as much time to write my blog. I clearly need to figure this out because I’ve been missing this part!

A few days ago a friend’s husband emailed asking if I would create some Mother’s Day cookies for his amazing wife Suzanne. The word amazing is seriously an understatement too by the way! She’s a wonderful Mom and soooo deserves a little treat 🙂 I was excited to make something for her. We decided on a cookie basket of flowers. I know I’m gonna hear about this but I’m gonna say it anyway…as a whole, it’s difficult for men to make decisions. So when her adorable husband emailed me I gave him two options…

  1. Bright and Vibrant
  2. Subtle and Pastel

And of course, he made the perfect decision 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day Suzanne… you are an amazing Mom!

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