Live Love Laugh

I am so excited about this weeks order. A woman found my business card at the local YMCA and called to inquire about cookie favors for her 40th birthday party. “But Of Course!” was my response 🙂 She sent along a picture of her invitation and I fell in love with the colors instantly!

Amazing colors right! She wanted 3 dozen vanilla and 3 dozen chocolate. I couldn’t wait to recreate the design…fun fun fun!

First step after baking all those cookies was to flood the back ground.

The next step involved brainstorming how to get the 40’s onto the cookie. In the past I have traced printouts using edible markers and piped over that, but this time around I wanted to try a new technique. I recently saw a post by the amazingly talented Sweet Sugar Belle where she used a push pin to poke a center outline on a flooded cookie. I definitely thought this would work well for the size of cookie and printout, so instead of poking the center I used a toothpick and poked the corners of a 40 template, connecting the dots afterwards with icing.

Not only is this woman celebrating 40 years of life, she’s also celebrating her 1 year anniversary since completing her cancer treatments. YEAH!!! So literally, she’s celebrating LIFE! She asked to have the words Live, Love and Laugh on the cookie and I thought it was incredibly fitting. In fact, it’s my new favorite quote 🙂

And of course, a favor isn’t complete without an adorable tag in coordinating colors. Happy Birthday Virginia!!!

14 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mydearbakes
    Jun 09, 2012 @ 10:11:10

    Great post! your bakes look sooo delicious! =)


  2. Carrie
    Jun 09, 2012 @ 10:17:53

    The 40’s turned out great!!

    We actually have a few things around our house that say Live Laugh Love and it just fits the way we feel about life so perfectly!


  3. Paula Kelly-Bourque (@VanillaBeanBake)
    Jun 09, 2012 @ 14:00:07

    They turned out fabulous. Great colour combinations.


  4. Virginia
    Jun 09, 2012 @ 22:45:51

    Kendra, Thank you so much for the cookies. Oh my gosh. These cookies were amazing taste wise and you blew me away with the design!!! Everyone loved the cookies! Thank you again for making my day extra special!!!


    • royalcookie
      Jun 10, 2012 @ 13:41:45

      Yeah!! You are SO WELCOME!!! It makes me super happy to hear you liked them. It was a joy making them for such a fun event. I’m sure your party was a huge success. It was wonderful meeting you and hope to see you around at the Y 🙂


    Jun 10, 2012 @ 13:01:35

    Cool. Your cookies are as delicious as they are beautiful!!!!!!!!


  6. Joan Seaman
    Jun 10, 2012 @ 13:51:22

    Three little words that make a lifetime of joy.
    The cookies are wonderful!!!!!! Just like you!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. cookiecathy
    Jun 11, 2012 @ 15:35:35

    Wow, they look amazing!!! I definitely want to try that technique soon, I bookmarked Sweet Sugar Belle’s page on how to pipe lace and am waiting for the opportunity to try it out! 🙂


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