Cancer Awareness

I could never have anticipated the amazing women I would meet once I became a Mom. It’s like a whole new world opened up and I have to say, after stepping inside you quickly thank your lucky stars you’ve had the opportunity to meet some of these women. I joined a local mommy group when I had my second child and have to say I have the best play groups! I love all the adorable kiddos and enjoy the conversations the Moms have together. I’m not going to lie, it’s nice to have an excuse to get my ass outta the house too!!

Anyway, there’s a Mom in one of my play groups and she has to be one of the strongest, most optimistic women I have ever met. She’s an amazing mother to an almost 5 year old boy and twin (boy and girl) 1 year olds! Talk about time management! Yeesh! She goes nowhere without wearing her smile and has the best sense of humor. Heartbreakingly, her Mother was diagnosed with brain cancer not too long ago. She’s been commuting every weekend a couple states away to spend time with her Mother, which isn’t easy when your family doesn’t pack up easily into an overnight bag (which I’m sure would make things 100 times easier logistically!). I want her to know she’s not alone.

Cancer sucks. Watching a loved one go through cancer sucks even more. I would venture to say every American has been affected by cancer, either being diagnosed with cancer themselves or one of their loved ones. My Grandma died of cancer and I would give anything to have her back or to have had more time with her…God I’ve love to introduce her to her adorable great granddaughters 🙂 I want my friend Mary to know she’s not alone. It’s not easy, but she has more support than she knows. Our hearts and prayers go out to you Mary!


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  1. Michele
    May 15, 2012 @ 10:58:20

    Lovely cookies and loving sentiment for your friend Mary. She, her Mom and her family are in my thoughts. Grandma would love your remarks. I do. Thanks, K, you are a remarkable lady yourself.


  2. Joan Seaman
    May 15, 2012 @ 17:18:08

    What a wonderful tribute, Kendra. Made me think of the days with Nancy and her battles with cancer. Friends are so important at a time like this.


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