Versatile Blogger Nominee!

Hello world! Time to take a quick break from cookies and royal icing. A break to thank Candy over at Lovely Buns for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you so much Candy! Super sweet of you and I”m so glad you’ve been enjoying my blog! Please stop by her blog and check out her delicious yummies! She’s a hoot too!!

Candy, here are the 7 things about me…probably more than you want to know! LOL

  1. In my 35 years, I’ve lived in 7 states and over 20+ houses/apartments! I’m an expert packer 🙂
  2. My dream job would be to own a floral shop. I wouldn’t have the skills to make any of the floral designs, but I’d just enjoy seeing and smelling the beauty every day!
  3. In my old life (before my two adorable kids) I was a total shoe hound! I had way too many shoes but in my opinion they all had a purpose.
  4. I played softball and volleyball in high school. I wasn’t all that good at it but I did hit a home run once in Jr. Varsity softball and blocked a serve during a volleyball tourney. My proud sporting moments 🙂
  5. I married the man of my dreams. I knew he was the man of my dreams before I even met him. It goes to show that waiting does work every once in awhile 😉
  6. I have a sixth sense for knowing if someone is a good person or not during our first couple interactions. Took me years to actually follow my intuition however. Now my friends are the most amazing people and I am truly blessed to have them in my life!!
  7. I have a cheese addiction. I really think I have a slight lactose intolerance issue but that doesn’t stop me. My favorite meal is a plate of dill pickles, soft swiss cheese, a can of smoked oysters and a handful of saltines.

According to the VBA rules, I need to nominate 15 of my favorite bloggers. This is the hard part!! I currently follow more blogs than I have time to look at. They are all amazing bloggers and their subjects are all dear to my heart.

These bloggers are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.!!! Please please please go check them out and say hi for me 🙂

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