Fish with Botox

I am marking something off my bucket list this month. Yes, I’m only 35 and I have a bucket list. Better early than never I say (no, that’s not true but in this case it sounds good!). I started creating it in college and this item has been on the list for over a decade.

Take a cake decorating class

I don’t remember how old I was, but I couldn’t have been more than 10. I remember coming across a photo album of my Mom’s and in it were pictures and pictures of beautifully decorated cakes. Come to find out they were decorated by my own mama. They were gorgeous! I asked her about it recently and she explained that she took 6 months of cake decorating classes…every week baking a cake and totting it to class. Impressive, both in the amount of time she put into her hobby but also in the beauty she created.

I decided I would take a cake decorating class too…although starting much smaller and only signing up for a 4 week Wilton’s class through our local craft store. During our second class we decorated a cake…my first decorated cake ever and I chose to recreate a fish image from our class materials. The instructor told us what tips to use but that was the extent of her instructing, so needless to say my fish lips came out extremely puffy. I smiled and thought “Even fish need botox every now and then.” Brought the cake home and humorously my husband had to ask what it was! It was then that I decided to keep a list of “lessons learned” throughout my adventures.


January 09, 2012

Lessons Learned:

  • Think about the sizing of your decoration before piping (fish lips)
  • Do not pipe on top of already piped frosting to try and cover up a mistake…only makes the area look bigger than the rest bringing more attention to it (second line in on the fish body)
  • Give yourself enough time to let the frosting dry/harden before decorating otherwise you won’t have the ability to smooth out (top and sides)

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